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How I Teach Philosophy Using Games

There are lots of ways in which the success of education cannot, and should not, be measured in a student’s final grade. But for various reasons, schools and colleges and the political establishments that fund them want to see a … Continue reading

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My 2nd Kickstarter failed. Here’s why.

My Kickstarter campaign for The Fellwater Tales RPG ends in about a week. And if you have looked at the campaign page recently, you’ll see we’re nowhere near the target. This is not for lack of trying. The game was … Continue reading

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How Games Tell Stories, and How to Turn a Story Into A Game

Good games are games that tell interesting stories. Any kind of game can tell a story, from ancient classics like Chess, King’s Table, and Go, to complex military simulations like Warhammer. Characters appear; problems beset them; solutions are sought and … Continue reading

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The Lunsford Test, or, What’s Wrong with “Boob Armour”?

Within twenty minutes of my tweeting this link about putting an end to “boob armour” in fantasy game development, I got three private messages in my twitter inbox about how it’s all just fantasy and it doesn’t matter, so I … Continue reading

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