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Which Hidden House Should You Join?

You've always known that there's more to life than what most people see. You're a little faster, stronger, or wiser, than most others, and your soul is more closely tied to the true powers of the world. And now a summoner from the Hidden Houses stands before you, saying that your ancestors were the gods of myth and legend. You're ready to join the world of the Secret People! Only one question remains: Which of the many Hidden Houses should you join?

Based on Fellwater: The Hidden Houses, the urban fantasy series, by Brendan Myers.

Question 1 How many members does your house have?

(1) Between twenty and thirty

(2) Around one hundred

(3) I might be the last one left!

(4) Thousands, in many branches around the world

Question 2 Which of the following do you value the most?

(1) Victory and glory in battle

(2) Social justice and activism

(3) Travel, adventure, and discovery

(4) Feasting, drinking, making music, and love

(5) Knowledge and wisdom

Question 3 What do you believe is the foundation of reality?

(1) Who knows? I'm interested in practical problems, not theories.

(2) Consciousness and the mind.

(3) Nature, and organic life on earth.

(4) A god, or a divine power.

(5) Rationality, mathematics, and impersonal forces.

Question 4 Where is your secret hideout?

(1) In a conservation area or a nature reserve

(2) Somewhere in a big city

(3) A castle way up north

(4) Our hideout isn't secret!

(5) In a house in a small town

(6) We don't have one!

Question 5 What culture did your house come from?

(1) The Muslim empires of west Africa

(2) The Roman empire

(3) The Celtic Iron Age

(4) The heroic age of India

(5) Our house is new and multicultural

(6) Dark Ages Britain

(7) The early French colonization of Canada

Question 6 Pick a colour.

(1) Multicolour

(2) Red

(3) Blue

(4) White

(5) Yellow

(6) Green

Question 7 What is your view of Outsiders (those who are not Secret People)?

(1) They are the future of the Hidden World.

(2) We'll leave them alone if they leave us alone.

(3) Tools and pawns for our plans.

(4) They are lost souls, needing our guidance.

(5) They are a threat to us.

Question 8 What kind of people were your ancestors?

(1) Nobles and aristocrats

(2) Explorers for adventure and profit

(3) Artists and poets

(4) We are kinda new here

(5) Hunters and mighty warriors

Question 9 What is the leadership of your house like?

(1) Centralized, like a city council

(2) Leaders? What leaders?

(3) Informal, like a family

Question 10 What kind of weapons do you use?

(1) We don't use weapons. We're not warriors.

(2) Guns. Mostly pistols and handguns.

(3) Big swords and 2-handed spears.

(4) We drive millitary LAVs.

(5) Fencing rapiers.

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