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Which Flight Of The Siren character are you?

On a dwarf body in the √Čostray system's outer ice belt, scientists discovered a crashed alien space probe with a faster-than-light engine. The discovery triggers a race for technological superiority and political dominance like nothing before in the planet's history. How would you respond?

Based on Flight of the Siren, a social science fiction novel by Brendan Myers.

Question 1 Which of these places on Earth would you visit as a tourist?

(1) Vogelsberg region, Germany

(2) Wuhan mountains of China

(3) Ghana, west Africa

(4) The city of New York, USA

(5) Mumbai, India

Question 2 Where did you grow up?

(1) In an orphanage, and then a boarding school.

(2) In a middle-class suburb. No alarms and no surprises.

(3) In a slum, among precariats and the working poor.

(4) In the lap of luxury. My family is rich.

Question 3 If we meet any aliens out there, what will they be like?

(1) I prefer to think about what's going on down here on Earth.

(2) Dead. They will have destroyed themselves in war, centuries ago.

(3) Basically good, but also flawed. Like us.

(4) Peaceful, enlightened, and helpful.

(5) Aggressive and territorial.

Question 4 Which is your favourite style of architecture?

(1) Mediaeval. Timbre-frame, stone, brick, and bright ornaments.

(2) Solarpunk. White ceramic, stained glass, rooftop gardens.

(3) Brutalism. Bare concrete walls, sharp corners.

(4) I don't care, as long as it's clean.

(5) Modernism. Clean geometric shapes, bright colours.

(6) Ruins.

Question 5 Faster-than-light travel is:

(1) Not possible. There is no point researching it.

(2) An engineering challenge: the hardest, but also the best.

(3) The most awesome trip an adrenaline-junkie could ever have.

(4) The greatest economic opportunity of all time.

(5) A religious endeavour: a search for the One-And-All.

(6) A way for us to become more curious, cooperative, and human.

(7) Very dangerous: the aliens are sure to be hostile.

Question 6 What do you like to do for fun?

(1) Play team sports.

(2) I'm always working. I don't have time for fun.

(3) Work out in the gym.

(4) Quiet things at home or by myself.

(5) Play card games with friends, sometimes for money.

(6) Study religious texts, and meditate.

Question 7 Given the chance, which of these careers would you choose?

(1) Government.

(2) Professor in a university.

(3) Professional athlete

(4) High-tech development.

(5) Who cares? As long as it pays well.

(6) Military officer.

(7) Religious leader.

(8) Businessperson.

Question 8 What is your greatest personal talent?

(1) My social connections.

(2) My business instincts.

(3) My intelligence.

(4) My fighting spirit.

Question 9 Which of these qualities best describes you?

(1) Intellectual

(2) Religious

(3) Fun-loving

(4) Disciplined and goal-driven

(5) Cynical and pessimistic

(6) Entrepreneurial

Question 10 Which of these questions is the most noble?

(1) The Engineer's Question: What is your work?

(2) The Prince's Question: Who do you follow?

(3) The Soldier's Question: What are you fighting for?

(4) The Gambler's Question: How far will you go?

(5) The Muse's Question: What inspires you?

(6) The Merchant's Question: What is your price?

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