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Just outside an ordinary small town in rural Ontario, Canada...

Village of Fellwater a conservation park, along a hidden path, and behind a high stone ridge..

path to the grove

...a tribe of Celts from Scotland and Ireland, called the Brigantians,
established a secret garden called Fellwater Grove,
where they made their new home.

Two thousand years later, it is one of the last places on Earth
where the presence of the Mythic Age can still be found.

Miranda Brigand

Miranda Brigand

The Chieftain of Clan Brigantia, an ancient Hidden House descended from the gods of Ireland and Britain. Some time during the Dark Ages, Miranda led her people on a sea journey to the west, hoping to find the otherworldly islands described in Celtic myth. Instead she and her people came to what is now Canada. There, with the permission of a local aboriginal clan called the Orenda Nation, Miranda established Fellwater Grove, and so made a new home for her people.

Katie Corrigan

Ever since she was a child, Katie had prophetic dreams and clairvoyant visions. When she first met Carlo DiAngelo, she experienced one of the most lucid visions in her life. She saw him as he was thousands of years ago, in the Celtic heroic age. Thus began her entry into the Hidden Houses of the Secret People. Katie is curious, adventurous, and strong willed, but also impetuous, and she often makes impulsive decisions.

Eric LaFlamme

Although descended from ordinary people and not from the gods, Eric is respected by the Brigantians as a detective and strategist, and for his unwavering loyalty to Katie.
Katie Corrigan

Although Fellwater Grove is a place of great natural beauty, some of its features are dangerous. For instance, it is said that those who look into its ancient well will see their worst and deepest fears reflected there.
the well at Fellwater Grove

Carlo Maliguida DiAngelo

The head of his House for all of Ontario, Carlo Maliguida DiAngelo claims to be descended from one of the Emperors of Rome - he doesn’t like to say which one. He’s the head of a wealthy family called House DiAngelo, and a prominent leader in a social movement called The New Renaissance. Carlo often seeks out young people who are descended from the gods but don’t yet know it, in the hope of recruiting them to his movement. He also claims the Brigantians owe a debt to his House - a debt Miranda refuses to pay.

Carlo DiAngelo

Fellwater Grove is not alone:
there are thought to be hundreds of secret magical places
scattered elsewhere in the world.

Villa Urania library, in Fellwater
The Villa Urania Library, in the middle of Fellwater village, was the place where several people over the years were Awakened, just by reading its oldest books.

Eventually it became the meeting place for a band of clan-less warriors called The Fianna.

Hidden in Mount Hallowstone National Park, somewhere in northern Ontario, there is a village with a castle on a steep hilltop. Built by some of the first colonists from England, the castle is now home to the members of House Wessex, and their Lord Protector, Algernon Weatherby. But when Eric is first brought there by Algernon's nephew Heathcliff Weatherby Wednesday, the village is inexplicably deserted.

Heathcliff Weatherby Wednesday

Heathcliff became the Lord Protector of House Weatherby, and its seat of power, Hallowstone Castle, when his uncle Algernon resigned the position due to failing mental health. Heathcliff also serves as the chairperson of the local chapter of the Guardians International Organization, in Fellwater village. Heathcliff approaches Eric offering information about what happened to Katie at the Battle of Fellwater Grove, and he offers to help Eric's investigations. But over time, he makes some unusual demands.

Ildicoe Brigand

Ildicoe Brigand

Originally from France, a member of a Hidden House called Les Voyageurs, and possibly more than 400 years old, Ildicoe now works as the official Summoner for Clan Brigantia. In "Hallowstone" she and Eric are asked to investigate the attackers who attempted to destroy a magical well in Fellwater Grove. But she also keeps a few dark secrets about her past. When Eric discovers one of them, he is forced to doubt whether she can be fully trusted.

The Many Hidden Houses of the Secret People

The world of the Secret People is a world where the gods are as human as we are, only faster, stronger, wiser than the rest of us. Time and history have shaped the stories of their lives into myth and legend. Their descendents walk among us today, still fighting their ancient wars. Perhaps one of their sacred places hides near your town.

Perhaps you are one of them.

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