"Brendan Myers is smarter than me."

- Isaac Bonewits, at the "Fire in the Hearth" conference, Ottawa, July 2009.


While Myers' ideas may not resonate with everyone, he should be commended for being at the forefront of an effort to write better Pagan books. He, along with some other authors of note, are writing those "advanced" books we all keep saying we want.

- Jason Pitzl-Waters, author of The Wild Hunt Blog (on 30th November 2008), the most read pagan blog on the internet.


Myers’ analysis confronts our very raison d’être against our uncertain times. He asks the questions that most prefer not to ask.

Michael York, Professor of Theology, Bath Spa University.

Our guest [Brendan Myers] is a man of letters, a man for the people, a man who respects Mother Earth, and all her children. In my mind he is the perfect role model and a true purveyor of ancient teaching with passion and integrity.

Yvonne Boyer, hostess of God Box Cafe podcast, in Episode 80 (6 November 2009).



Comments on "The Other Side of Virtue"

"This is one of the most important books you can read. 'The Other Side of Virtue' explores territory that is vitally important to understand at this critical time in our history. Reading it will deepen your soul.

- Philip Carr-Gomm, author of "Sacred Places",

and Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids


It is an incredibly moving book one of the few I have ever read that have really wormed its way into my mind and made me really look deeply into who I am.

- James Goodwin, from his reader review on Amazon.com.


This is a book full of fascinating insights and well worth the interest of readers concerned with the ethical dilemmas of the modern world. It is filled with arresting insights, unexpected turns of analysis, and the kind of rich analytic context that will more than repay the efforts made by its readers. It has given me much to think about, and much to re-think."

Gus DiZerega, Professor of Political Science, St. Lawrence University,

and author of Pagans and Christians and Of Fish and Men


The book as a whole is at times extremely poetic, and Dr. Myers' use of imagery and prose is captivating. The quotes are valuable and brilliantly evocative of the ideas he is trying to convey. I find the symbolism, and ideas found in "The Other Side of Virtue" enriching. After reading it twice, since the first time was too quick for adequate digestion, I still continue to find new treasures of insight, which shed light not only on society as a whole, but on personal experiences, and interpretations I have found in my own journey.

Sheena Mac Isaac, from her reader review on Amazon.com


"Another beautiful, intelligent and accessible text from Myers, this book is informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, not just exploring ancient notions of virtue, but finding their place with sharp validity in today's world. It leaves the reader feeling exquisitely drenched in European heritage and its traditions, from Aristotle to Harry Potter, and with a poignant sense of the very real personal responsibility. An important text and well worth reading."

Emma Restall Orr, Head of The Druid Network, author of Living with Honour: A Pagan Ethics and Living Druidry

"The Other Side of Virtue is very much a stimulating work designed to initiate deep personal examination concerning the reader's definition of virtue, and to open a debate about how the concept of virtue functions in today's society and culture. It is highly recommended, and may be of particular use for study groups and circles looking for a guide to help work through the idea of Pagan-specific concepts of ethics, virtues, and values."

Arin Murphy-Hiscock, Author of Power Spellcraft for Life, Solitary Wicca for Life, and The Way of the Green Witch

Comments on "A Pagan Testament"...

"A remarkable resource for anyone following the Wicca-Pagan path. We highly recommend it."

- Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, authors of A Witches Bible, Progressive Witchcraft, and other titles.


I very much enjoyed this book and read through it quite quickly. Like most of Myers' works there is a lot there, much to wrap one's mind around, and yet is written in a smooth and easy to follow way. Highly recommended for Pagan and non-Pagan alike.

- James Goodwin, from his review on Amazon.com