Celtic Mysticism, in Theory and Practice

The Druids were the mystics, philosophers, and magicians of the ancient Celtic world. Their spirituality was borne from the near-worship of poetry and music, warrior prowess, and the world of nature. This book describes this mystical romanticism as it was in ancient times, and offers various ways to bring it to life today in both private and social realms. The whole exploration of the Celtic spirit is guided by the basic impulse of all mysticism, which is to "Know Yourself". The book shows the many ways in which this impulse shines through Celtic tradition, principle, custom, and heritage.

Professionally-researched, provocative, and informative, the world of the Druids is brought to life by not only Celtic mythology and traditional storytelling, but also by stories of the author's own experiences of living and traveling in Ireland and visiting its sacred sites. This book combines a well-researched, high-quality "training manual" for modern spiritual Celts and Druids, with an original and thought-provoking philosophical account of the spiritual meaning of Druidry.



In this book you will find:

  • A professionally-researched survey of Druidic history, tradition, and custom,
  • Detailed descriptions of the mysteries of Celtic spirituality, including the Sacred Truth, the Great Marriage, the Hero¹s Journey, and the Otherworld,
  • Practical guidance for meditation and ceremony, for individuals and for groups,
  • A detailed description of the Celtic story of the creation of the world, presented together with a plan for re-enacting the story in ritual,
  • The remarkable human side of Druidic spirituality.

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    Some endorsements:

    An excellent study of the way in which Druid spirituality can inspire and help us today.

    Philip Carr-Gomm
    Chosen Chief of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids

    Druidry, which tends to be re-invented from scratch every time a new group claims the term as a self-description, has all too often merelly reflected the unexamined tastes and prejudices of its diverse practitioners. It is refreshing, in that light, to see Brendan Myers approach the subject with genuine intellectual rigour, yet without abjuring the passion and inspiration such a path requires. He isn't afraid to ask hard questions, and to develop the answers as fully and richly as possible. Even if every reader will not agree with all of his conclusions, his work provides a solid base from which future discussions of the topic can proceed.

    Alexei Kondratiev,
    author of The Apple Branch, and Celtic Ritual

    I really do think Dr Myers' book is extremely well researched and written in an accessible and enjoyable way, something that most other texts with this amount of attention to detail do not achieve. I am consulting on a movie to do with druidry and witchcraft right now and using Dr Myers material as a reliable source of information.

    Fiona Horne
    television presenter and author of Pop Goes the Witch

    There are very few books on the subject of Druidry which successfully manage to blend the intellectual, the emotional and the spiritual aspects together to create a truly representative work on the Celtic Mysteries. The Mysteries of Druidry is one of these books. While being well researched, it is clearly written by someone who has practical experience in Druidry making it one of the most enjoyable, inspirational, informative, and beautiful books on the subject.

    Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone
    Founders Teamphal Na Callaighe, Ireland. Authors A Witches Bible, The Pagan Path, and Progressive Witchcraft.

    Within an oral tradition such as Druidry, those who write of its teachings tread a fine line, yet in this book Myers succeeds. For with gentle clarity, he writes as if telling stories, not only of myth, folklore and Celtic history, but also of and for our Celtic present. With his words, he inspires, calling the reader to breathe in the songs of the ancestors, and so to sing those songs with both a celebratory pride and a profound relevance for today.

    Emma Restall Orr,
    Author of "Principles of Druidry" and "Druid Priestess".

    Despite the flurry of books on Celtic spirituality in recent years, very little has seen print that combines a solid foundation in Celtic tradition and scholarship with practical guidance for those who hope to follow a living Celtic spiritual path in today's world. Brendan Cathbad Myers' "The Mysteries of Druidry" fills that void admirably, with a clear, accessible and forthright exploration of Celtic tradition as the foundation of a personal path of mystical transformation that's profoundly relevant to the problems and possibilities of the modern world. This is a book I would be delighted to recommend to my students, to members of my Druid order, and to anyone interested in Celtic spirituality as a living path for today.

    John Michael Greer
    Grand Archdruid, Ancient Order of Druids in America
    Author of "The New Encyclopedia of the Occult" and "Druidry: A Green Way of Wisdom"

    Brendan Myers has created a powerful, passionate book of Celtic spirituality for today's seeker. Informed by his research and scholarship, but also by the poetry in his soul, Myers' book lays out the basis for a compelling, even life-changing path. It's not an easy path -- the aspiring Druid finds that true spirituality requires hard work, learning, facing difficult truths, and getting along with others. The intelligent reader will find it far more rewarding than the supermarket sorcery so common in today's Pagan writings.

    Jane Raeburn,
    author of Celtic Wicca

    "The Mysteries of Druidry" is an exemplary look at one man's approach to Druidism, with excellent food for thought and suggestions for group ritual and personal practice. Brendan's questions and discussions lay a firm foundation for all those seeking to explore the many forms of Druidism for themselves. His personal stories of working with and discovering the spirits of the land are inspiring and useful guides to the readers.

    Erynn Laurie ,
    author of "A Circle of Stones", co-founder of the Inis Glas Hedge School.

    Here is a book that seeks out the ways of Druids; that walks the Druid Way and reveals much of the hidden, inner truth which empowers Druidry. In The Mysteries of Druidry, Brendan Myers has identified the sources of Druidry as they are presently known from classical and insular traditions. Myers also takes us on real, personal and revelatory, spiritual journeys into the Druid mysteries. Techniques are presented that allow the reader and student to discover the mysteries for themselves through active and direct involvement. There are also examples of how to construct one's own Druidic mantras, meditations and rites of passage. Additionally, instruction is provided on the use of the Ogham, Bell Branches and other tools used by Druids. This book speaks to one's spirit about the Druid Mysteries in a voice that comes straight from the heart of the fire. Reading and studying what this book reveals places both beginner and sage alike within a Circle of Wonder. It is in such a place that the mysteries are revealed and made a part of one's self-knowledge. Many thanks to Brendan Myers for his wonderful book, The Mysteries of Druidry.

    Searles O'Dubhain,
    Founder of the Summerlands website and community,
    Ogham Seer and Druid author


    Cathbad's The Mysteries of Druidry is an excellent account of this often shrouded topic. He brings a deft touch to this highly informative and illuminating book.

    Nicholas R Mann,
    author of The Isle of Avalon, and Druid Magic.

    Thank you!