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Northwest Passage Books presents:

Clear and Present Thinking

A handbook in logic an rationality
Second Edition

This is the second edition of the popular, low-cost, college-level textbook in logic and critical thinking. Covering topics like worldviews, value programs, propaganda, fake news, and the history of logic, "Clear and Present Thinking" aims to make philosophy in general, and critical thinking skills in particular, as widely available to the public as possible.


Chapter 1: An Outline History of Logic
Chapter 2: Informal Logic: Questions, Problems, and World Views
Chapter 3: Informal Logic: Habits of Thinking
Chapter 4: Basics of Formal Logic
Chapter 5: Arguments
Chapter 6: Science and Scientific Reasoning
Chapter 7: Fallacies
Chapter 8: Reasonable Doubt
Chapter 9: Moral Reasoning
Chapter 10: Activities
Epilogue: Why Can't We All Get Along?
Glossary of Terms in Logic and Philosophy

This is a community textbook project. The production process was was funded by the more than 700 backers who pleged their contributions through Kickstarter.com, an online crowd-sourcing fundraising platform. We raised almost $17,000 to pay for the first edition's contributors, designers, editors, and publicists. This enables the book to be published electronically for free, and in print for the lowest possible price.

Clear and Present Thinking is published under a Creative Commons open culture license. This means anyone can use it, share it, and do almost anything with it, as long as the creator's names remain attached to it.

The team and I would like to thank everyone for their generous support for their project, and for helping make knowledge a little bit more free.

Project Director:
Brendan Myers (CEGEP Heritage College)

Authors and Contributors:
Brendan Myers, Charlene Elsby (Purdue University Fort Wayne), Alex Zieba (CEGEP Heritage College)

Editor / Proofreader:
Melinda Reidinger (Anglo-American University of Prague).

Layout and Design:
Nathaniel Hebert, Lana Winter-Hebert. www.winterhebert.com

First Edition Downloads:

  • In PDF (free)
  • In Kindle (for $0.99.)