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Complete List Of Available Titles
in Fiction, Poetry, and Games

An Economy of Words

An Economy of Words

The Collected Poems of Bob Myers

Paperback, $19.95. Purchase from Amazon.

From the Author's Preface: “I am not a poet. I make that clear in the first entry. I am by profession a teacher who loves to read and teach poetry and finds great pleasure in writing poetry to please myself and maybe my family and friends. In this collection you will read about my faith and some principles I embrace, about family, friends and people encountered, about ordinary things and ordinary events that pepper all our lives.”

Iron Age: Council of the Clans

by Brendan Myers. Illustrated by Lauren Trimble.

Paperback, $10.00. Purchase from Amazon

"Iron Age" is a tabletop political strategy game of power, honour, and democracy, in which players compete and co-operate with each other to build a community. The better you manage your village, and the better you manage your relations with other players, then the more honour you will gain, and the better your position will be at a special democratic assembly called the Landsmoot, where one player is elected the Chieftain.

Originally designed as a teaching tool for a college course in political science, the simple rules of Iron Age allow many strategic possibilities. From the “hard power” of the army to the “soft power” of trade and culture, just about every facet of politics in the real world can be represented here – all depending on how you play! Click here to find out more.

Fellwater: The Hidden Houses

A quartet of urban fantasy novels by Brendan Myers

Each title: Paperback $9.95, Kindle $3.99.

The Hidden Houses is a modern fantasy-drama series that follows the descendants of ancient gods and heroes, secretly living in the modern world. It’s the demigods of Percy Jackson with the politics of Game of Thrones and House of Cards. Secret societies struggle for control of the last corners of the Earth where the Mythic Age survives. It’s a world of alliances and betrayals, cults and politics, friendship and power. It’s the thrill of making a wish, and the horror of it coming true. It’s where flawed, wounded, and lonely people can be heroes too.

Click Here to visit the series homepage.

The Seekers: A Dark Story of the North

by Brendan Myers

Paperback, $7.95, Kindle $2.99 Purchase from Amazon

The three Nefzawi brothers, Ibrahim and Ghazwan and Fred, are on a mission to the far reaches of northern Canada in the winter. They seek the hidden monastery of "The Old Man", a sage who they believe has the answers to all the big questions in life. On the way they meet Eden Thornhill, a scout from the previous expedition fifty years earlier, but who claims to have been stranded only a few days. With supplies running low, and the shadows of Wendigo stalking them, the brothers doubt their mission, and then they doubt each other.

A spinoff novella from the Hidden Houses series, The Seekers is a modern-day fairy tale about brotherhood, courage, and obsession.

A Trick Of The Light: A Fairy Tale About Knowing

by Brendan Myers

Paperback, $7.95, Kindle $2.99 Purchase from Amazon

Eleven-year-old troublemaker Jillian Brighton receives an unexpected gift: a magical telescope that can see into alternate realities. As she learns to use it, she discovers a civilization on the moon. But her best friend doesn’t believe her, and her suspicious parents want the telescope sent back where it came from. Then the shady private detective Nicholas Brogger tells her the telescope was stolen, and that he is coming to take it away. Determined to keep it, Jillian must outwit him at his own game.

A spinoff novella from the Hidden Houses series, A Trick Of The Light is a modern-day fairy tale about knowledge, childhood, and discovery.