Brendan Myers



Professor of philosophy, writer, and consultant.

Author of nineteen books in philosophy, environmental ethics, history of ideas, spirituality, urban fantasy fiction, science fiction, and game design.


Featured Fiction Title:

The Book Of Urania

On a cold night in the year 1514, Urania, the Greek goddess of astonomy, inspires Nicolaus Copernicus to re-imagine the cosmos with the sun at the centre — a crime for which Zeus banishes her from Olympus. Then Julian Augustus, former emperor of Rome and an agent of Zeus, offers her a bargain: Find one mortal who can grasp the immensity of the universe without going mad, or else live in exile forever.

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Featured Non-Fiction:

The Circle Of Life Is Broken

From the 1960s onward, philosophers, artists and spiritual teachers promoted the idea of the ‘Green Self’ to help us understand how the Circle works, and how we harm ourselves when we damage it.

But in all that time, the climate crisis only got worse. The Greening of the Self didn’t happen.

Coming In October 2022!

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Featured Fiction Title:

Flight of the Siren

A scientist discovers an alien artifact with a faster-than-light engine. She launches a search for its creators: a search which reveals a disturbing truth about her own world.

“Flight of the Siren is a masterpiece. It isn’t about outer space or aliens, it’s about us, and we are the weirdest subject imaginable. It is probably the most detailed study you will ever read of the near-infinite number of ways nations, organizations and individuals will compete for purely imaginary advantages over one another. An amusing satire well worth reading. Recommended.” –– Review in Amazing Stories.

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Reclaiming Civilization:

A Case For Optimism For The Future Of Humanity

What is civilization? And is it a good thing?

It’s a name for the most glorious of humanity’s monuments and cultural achievements. Yet it also speaks of the conquests, oppressions, and empires which make that glory possible.

It’s the process by which we find what it is to be human– not by discovery, but by invention.

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Brendan is the director of Northwest Passage Books: an independent publisher and publishing services provider, specializing in fiction and nonfiction by authors with an academic background in philosophy and the humanities.

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