The only thing darker than interstellar space

is the human mind.



Coming In 2023 From

Arcana Creations


Everyone on the first voyage to planet Éiruna went mad. Ten years later, passengers on the interstellar cruise ship Star Dreamer found out why: the planet’s magnetic field activated dormant telepathic genes in some passengers and crew. Theo Montrose, a restaurant manager and himself a new telepath, witnesses a woman use her new powers to heal people’s traumas. He resolves to learn how she did it, so he can cure a disease afflicting his wife, Carol. But Peter Cardinal, a resident-passenger on the ship whose genes activated years earlier, believes everyone will resent and fear the new telepaths. He recruits Theo and several others into a secret society, to prepare for the war he is certain will come. Amid conspiracy theories, supply shortages, and a quarantine order, Theo struggles to stop the war before it starts: a war that will divide his marriage, the ship, and all humanity.



ÉIRUNA is a high-concept science fiction novel about a restaurant chef on a cruise ship in space who struggles to keep his marriage together, while an outbreak of telepathy causes almost everyone around him to descend into conspiracy theories and fear.

It’s a story of identity, otherness, human nature, finding one’s tribe, and healing hidden pain.



The author, designer, and publishers affirm that no AI was used in the composition of the text, nor in the creation of images and other graphic elements used on the cover, interior, or in promotional materials.