Reclaiming Civilization:

A Case For Optimism For The Future Of Humanity

What is civilization? And is it a good thing?

It’s a name for the most glorious of humanity’s monuments and cultural achievements. Yet it also speaks of the conquests, oppressions, and empires which make that glory possible.

It’s the process by which we find what it is to be human– not by discovery, but by invention.

This book explains the essence of civilization, then asks what’s wrong with it, and considers what can be done about it.

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Moon Books

“Contra much contemporary political philosophy and environmental thought, Myers’ book is sincerely hopeful and optimistic. Fully aware of the past failures of entire civilizations and equally conscious of the momentous challenges facing our own today, he nonetheless acknowledges humankind’s resilience, creativity and capacity for constructive coordination in the face of daunting obstacles. He does so upon the admirable basis of a multitude of intellectually intriguing sources that display as much erudition as profound sensitivity in their choice and presentation. It is not just the argumentative content that makes this book noteworthy, but also its literary, even lyrical character. As such, it will appeal to the admirers of Rome’s Lucretius, France’s Montaigne and Descartes, Helvetia’s Rousseau and, in more recent times, Iceland’s Páll Skúlason and Italy’s Flavio Baroncelli. I for one, on the most personal note possible, enjoyed reading it.”

~ Giorgio Baruchello Professor of Philosophy, University of Akureyri, Iceland
Author of Mortals, Money, and Masters of Thought and Philosophy of Cruelty.

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“Brendan Myers is one of the most creative and exciting of contemporary Pagan philosophers whose new book Reclaiming Civilization is filled with arresting insights and closes with a fascinating discussion of virtue ethics’ relationship with life’s “immensities.” There is good food here for the mind and the soul.”

~ Gus DiZerega, Political scientist with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation,
author of Fault Lines and Persuasion, Power, and Polity.

“This is a very interesting discussion of one of the central issues of the current world, and indeed of all history, which puts under scrutiny a number of common assumptions which are seldom examined.”

–Ronald Hutton, Professor of History, Bristol University

“Brendan Myers is that rarest of creatures, a philosopher who writes in a style that is eminently readable, refreshingly jargon-free, not remotely patronising and, what’s more, genuinely engaging… Myers demonstrates a remarkable breadth of knowledge of prehistory, history, politics and philosophy, from the earliest stirrings of humanity to the present day. That he can analyse with such clarity the seemingly chaotic mess we as a species have got ourselves into is remarkable in itself. Even moreso is that he is able to untangle the chaos sufficiently to draw from it causes for optimism and a plan for the future that might just see us thrive rather than merely survive. Anyone running for political office should not be allowed to do so until they have read this book. If this were done, the world would undoubtedly be a better, safer, saner place.”

–Philip Shallcrass, Founder and Chief of the British Druid Order.