Bren’s Tower – pictures

By popular demand… well, by request from oakmossone… anyway it was about time I bought a new battery for my camera. 🙂

This first picture shows the whole height of the tower, or as much of it as I could fit in the frame. Remember, the tower was built in my 16 year old brother’s bedroom. Mind the mess!

This one shows the base, which I tried to design like a Hindu temple.

Note the niches for the gods, demigods, and heroes:

and the Guardians of the Four Quarters: (sorry that it’s out of focus)

Above that, there is a thing that looks vaguely like a lotus flower, half-unfolded. And the rest of the height of the tower isn’t meant to look like anything: the rest was built just to be tall. So the whole thing ends up looking like a Hindu temple wearing a silly hat. 🙂 But close to the top there is a little bulge, with a platform for the goddess:

And here is the whole height of the tower, from a legoman’s point of view:

Turlough’s next challenge is to build a lego catapult capable of knocking this thing down. And this is a tougher challenge than it sounds: as you can see, from ground level to about 1.3 meters this tower isn’t going anywhere. His best bet is to hit it hard enough and high enough to make it shake, so that the top part will fall over, and perhaps carry some of the middle portion down with it. Yesterday I built my own lego catapult, since he spent six hours trying to build his own and couldn’t make one that wouldn’t destroy itself every time he fired it. Here’s the one I made:

It works very well: I’ve been able to launch marbles and gaming dice as high as the level of the four ‘guardians of the watchtowers’. In fact I’ve even been able to aim it very precisely, and knock the demigods out of their niches. But it has never shaken violently enough to fall down. I have to admit, I’m feeling impressed with myself. Maybe I should not have gone into philosophy: maybe I should have been an architect!

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11 Responses to Bren’s Tower – pictures

  1. weds says:

    A demigod-deplacing architect.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow, you guys really need to get out more often!

    Impressive though, I must say.

    My how you enjoy tormenting your brother don’t you!

    • admin says:

      Oh, he’s happy with it. Anyway, some elder brothers torment their younger brothers with bad-taste practical jokes, or by humiliating them in public. I don’t know many who do it by building lego towers. 🙂

      But yes, we probably do need to get out more.

  3. plutopsyche says:

    Cool tower

    LJ tip (in case you were wondering):

    [lj user=”oakmossone”] with pointy brackets will yield 😉

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