Dangerous Religion: Out of Print!

Last summer I was served notice that Dubsar House, the company that published my first book, Dangerous Religion, was cancelling the contract. No reason was given; probably no reason was necessary. The timeline for the expiry, stated on the letter, was two years.

Last week I sent them a postal money order to purchase the last few books in the inventory. Today I recieved an email saying that the money order will be returned to me, as the book is “removed from circulation”. So, I suppose it is official now: Dangerous Religion is out of print.

So I can say, without fear of retribution, that I’m perfectly happy with this arrangement. Dubsar House was a bad publisher. If their reason for withdrawing the book was due to lack of sales, I claim this is their own stupid fault: they have very bad distribution, very bad advertising, very bad typesetting and editing, and very bad internal communication. I made very little money in my own royalties (perhaps less than $100, all together), and spent as much or more doing my own promotional work for the book.

On one occasion they actually lied to an occult supply store about the availability of my book! I was going to the store personally for a book signing event. The store, (Melange Magique in Montreal), ordered 10 copies and paid for them through PayPal. Rather a long time later, only five show up. The reason for the delay was, so they said at the time, they had to fulfill other orders first. Not long after that they admit that they lied about that: there were no other orders. And that the other five books would not be shipped. But the store might have to wait six weeks or longer to get their money back.

Well, we live and learn. Had Dubsar House not published DR in the first place, my second book might never have been published, or perhaps not even written in the first place. Or written very differently. So I can look back and appreciate the little help they gave me. But as Wittgenstein once wrote, “now that we have climbed to the new height, it may be necessary to throw away the ladder.”

So, if any of you have copies, hang on to them. They are the only copies that now exist. There may be a few booksellers with a few left in their stacks for sale, but there are no new printings. I’m off to find another publisher, now. And to do some re-writing, too. (It’s been seven years, after all.)

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  1. plutopsyche says:

    …and spent as much or more doing my own promotional work for the book.

    I’m afraid that’s the case for the vast majority of authors with every publishing house in North America, and likely the world. Especially with a first work by a new author on an obscure subject* published by a small company. It may seem like a raw deal, but it’s perfectly normal and expected.

    I haven’t read the book, they never did send the review copy they said they were going to, but while it might not have seemed a raging success, taking Pagan publishing by storm, you did get your work out there, and that’s commendable.

    (* As compared to mainstream fiction, etc.)

    • admin says:

      I know this already, of course, but DR was my first baby! So it is still a little sad for me.

      Well, my other book is faring better, and that is a consolation.

  2. oakmossone says:

    Why don’t you talk to your current publisher ans see if they would do the re-print with some revisions?

    I hate Dubsar, those rotten bastards!

    • admin says:

      Already done. I wrote a new proposal for them, and sent it on shortly after getting the note from Dubsar House. If they (the people at New Page) are consistent, then in a month or so I’ll be asked for a sample of the text.

  3. erynn999 says:

    Good luck in finding a new publisher. I had pretty crappy luck with Eschaton back when it was still a going concern. The guy who ran Witch School apparently bought the remaining stock of all of Eschaton’s books, but I haven’t seen any royalties from that final sale. Apparently there’s a move afoot to get a class action suit against somebody by some of the other former Eschaton authors but I haven’t heard anything about it in over a year since the initial contact email.

    At least some jerk isn’t using your work to finance his scam.

    • ardaniel says:

      If it helps any ethically, if not financially, I’ve been directing people to GetCheapBooks to find used copies of that book when asked. Do you have any plans to do a second edition at some future point after your filidecht and ogam books?

      • erynn999 says:

        That sounds good to me, and thank you. I don’t currently have any plans for it, as I feel like I’d have to entirely rewrite it to make it a better book, and my focus is very much elsewhere these days.

  4. Mammaries!

    Hi! Remember me? I bought your book at Gaia Gathering, HOWEVER, my house burned down soon after. I am confident the two events are not connected. I really do want another book though!

    • admin says:

      Re: Mammaries!

      Your house burned down? I’m sorry to hear that. And I’d like to disavow all prior knowledge or any connection between my book and any of the twenty two people whose houses burned down after they bought a copy… ahem. nevermind that.

      Seriously, though, there are a few booksellers around that have copies in their inventory. The Amazon.com page for the book is still up, and there’s a listing of booksellers there. With luck, Little Mysteries might have a few left.

      And I see I’ll never live down the Mammaries comment. Well, it’s comforting to know that there are still a few constants in the universe. 🙂

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