dead woman’s body hidden in Lourdes

Another example of someone out of touch with reality:,,1998805,00.html

…although I’m not sure that pagans are all that much better sometimes. We go to aromatherapists and reiki practicioners more often than we go to regular doctors. I used to know some pagans who also refused real medical help, and preferred ritual and spellcraft–even to heal a broken leg!

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  1. weds says:

    Why does it always surprise me when the Grauniad comes up with a Colemanball?

    It is understood the body of Ms Kearney had lain in the bedroom since last she died.

    …er, so I’m guessing this has happened before.

    More seriously, I think the Pagans I’ve known have been more likely to avail themselves of medical care than the general population. I’m not certain whether this is a case of odd sample or what. Possibly our(*) flakes are just more visible to us at any given time?

    (*) Bla bla bla disclaimer bla bla fundamental disconnect bla Pagan subcultures, bla.

  2. gryph07 says:

    First, yuk. Second, why the hell was the child left with the mother and grandmother? If the grandfather left, he should have taken the kid too, or gotten the father involved. Third, I agree, definitely out of touch with reality on sooo many levels. Fourth, I hope that poor child gets some counselling…


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