Would the worship of the Goddess make the world a better place?

Argiope – Donne nel Sacro presents

An Afternoon with Brendan Myers: Civilization and the Goddess

9th May 2009, in Milan, Italy.

Many people think that the restoration of the worship of the Goddess would make the world a better place, particularly regarding its environment, which for many Pagans embodies the health and well-being of Goddess as Earth. However, the Goddess is associated with many more aspects of life than the Earth and its ecology. Various European mythologies reveal for example Goddess associations with art, music, justice, love, labor, and community, just to name but a few. Given all these associations, then, what exactly does the Goddess value and what does She have to teach us? And what does our response to Her teachings say about who we are? What would people be if Goddess worship became a major cultural force? Would the world really be a better place?

Brendan Myers, PhD, will talk about the Mórrigan as well as goddesses from other pantheons to consider these questions in an afternoon forum on 9 May 2009 at 3:00 p.m. at the Associazione D.A.M.E.S, viale Monza 142, in Milan, Italy, to promote his book, A Pagan Testament. A question-and-answer session and reception will follow Dr. Myers’ talk.

Please register by 30 April in advance to attend this event by sending an e-mail (argiopedonnenelsacro@gmail.com); for more questions, call Maurizia +39 339 46 98 693). This event will be presented in English and translated simultaneously into Italian. Entry for non-Argiope members by 30 April, €25 and after 30 April, €30; entry for Argiope members €20 before 30 April and €25 after 30 April.

Brendan Myers teaches philosophy at various Canadian universities. He is the author of Dangerous Religion and The Other Side of Virtue, among others, and won the 2008 Mt. Haemus award for research in Druidry from the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids (OBOD). Dr. Myers lectures widely in North America and Europe on philosophical issues and ethics, including the Goddess, Druidry, and Pagan community. He currently resides in Ontario. For more information about Dr. Myers, visit northwestpass.livejournal.com.

Argiope – Donne nel Sacro is dedicated to helping women explore the Divine Feminine within themselves and the world around them, among other things by helping women to network, collaborate, and communicate with each other. Argiope is a non-profit, non-denominational organization in Milan and Rome, Italy. For more information visit www.argiope.it (in Italian only).

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3 Responses to Would the worship of the Goddess make the world a better place?

  1. cairde_luis says:

    Now I just have to find someone going to Italy who’s willing to smuggle me in their luggage 😉

  2. drui_en says:


    Bren, this is AWESOME!

  3. jdhobbes says:

    I remember reading in Time mag back in the early 90s about some feminist advocate saying “If women were in charge, women would make all the decisions, men would make less money, and a semi-nude Kevin Costner would adorn the cover of Sports Illustrated.” I remember thinking “So… the world would be no different then?”

    You can keep an eye out for me. I’ll be the one in the back with the END IS NEAR placard above my head.

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