Follow-up to this week’s Q

Jason Pitzl-Waters probably didn’t have my last Q of the Week in mind when he posted this to his blog today, in honour of Earth Day:

Deity is not merely a transcendent force separate from creation, deity is everywhere and within every thing. Each of us holds the potential to be like the gods, and we acknowledge that the gods and powers walk and exist among us still.

Excellently said.

So, to follow up this week’s question, might an idea like this one, among others, be powerful enough to stand against violence in the world? Might an idea like it be the sort of thing pagans should teach and promote and demonstrate by example, so that the fundamental changes that alfrecht spoke of might actually happen?

In other news:
Shastan, over at Pinch Pennies Save Planet blog, is having an Earth Day contest. The prize: Michael Pollan’s “In Defence of Food”. I learned about his work through the PPSP blog, and like what I see.

In other, other news:
The manuscript for Book the Fifth is now around 30,000 words. I’m really excited about it. It might surprise a few of you, especially when you see how I dexteriously quote from Harry Belafonte’s “We come from the Mountain” and KMFDM’s “Juke Joint Jezebel” in the same chapter. Ha!

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