Question of the Week: What is your religion?

I asked a Christian monastic, What is your religion? He said, it is as Christ taught: to Love your neighbour as yourself.

I asked a Jewish scholar, who answered: My religion is what the prophet Isaiah taught: to deal bread to the hungry, find homes for the homeless, give clothes to the naked, and to let the oppressed be free.

I asked a Hindu yogi, and he taught me that his religion is seeing God within all things, and all things within God; to see God within himself, and to see himself within God.

I asked a Buddhist monk, and he told me that his religion flows from the Buddha nature within himself, which substitutes compassion for attachment.

I asked a Taoist master, What is your religion? He said, I am not sure I have a religion, but I have observed the gentlest thing in the world overcome the hardest, and so I blunt the sharpness, untie the knots, soften my glare, and settle my dust.

I asked a Muslim cleric, and he said that religion is submission to God, and submission to Peace: and I do this through guardianship, oneness, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage, and my personal struggle against sin.

I asked an Aboriginal Elder, and he said that all things are home to the spirit, and therefore all things deserve profound respect.

I asked a Wiccan seeker, and she said her religion is perfect love and perfect trust.

I asked a Druid philosopher, and he spoke of three candles that illuminate every darkness: truth, nature, and knowledge.

And you, my friend, what is your religion?

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18 Responses to Question of the Week: What is your religion?

  1. peaxh says:

    I’m Christian Catholic, and uh.. diddo the first guy! /eyeroll

    By the way! You forgot to bold nature and knowledge in the druid’s answer.

  2. cairde_luis says:

    I don’t subscribe to religion persay… more spirituality than religion.
    To live seeking understanding, compassion, tolerance and truth in all things, including myself.

  3. pombagira says:

    all of the above

    *twirls around*

  4. abbadie says:

    My path is simple: to flow with Fate, to strive for balance, to become whole, and above all, the knowledge that all is as it should be.

  5. alfrecht says:

    I don’t have a syncretism icon yet…

    …so I’ll just use an icon appropriate to one of the things you didn’t mention!

    I’m a member of the Ekklesía Antínoou. While we’re a queer, Graeco-Roman-Egyptian syncretist reconstructionist polytheist group, I’d say our religion is actually the religion of peaceful connection, between humans and gods, between humans and other humans, and between gods of one pantheon and gods of other pantheons.

    As a CR person, I’d say my religion is the religion of fír, of “truth,” of finding the truth, of living to uphold the truth, and of letting truth shape the world.

    As someone who does Shinto as well, I’d say the concept of kannagara is the essence of the religion: “Living in harmony with Great Nature.”

    I suppose one could say one can’t do one of these things without doing the other two, and I’d suggest one is correct; but the methodology for each one, in my own case, comes from those three strands, and I think it’s not a bad way to operate…

  6. Don’t Bb.

    Don’t B#.

    Just B Natural.


  7. boarrider says:

    I am Asatru.

    …and now I need to go blog on this insightful post 😉

    (Ultimately, the word is the religion – tru/true/faithful to the gods and goddesses/Aesir/Ases. It’s a religion “of the people”, in the tribal sense that we’re not so much followers of a religion as we …simply… are.)

  8. kriosalysia says:

    It’s hard to distill a worldview into a few words. I think the best words for mine I’ve found so far are wholeness and wholesomeness… in nature, in culture, in our psyches, in our physical communities, in how we live.

  9. snowcalla says:

    Mine is to return what you receive.

  10. snowcalla says:

    I hope you don’t mind, but I reposted your Q of the week on a football vBB that I enjoy. One section of the board, called the Cafe, is where all things non-football related are talked about. There are some really interesting, smart, and diverse people on that board…so I wondered what the answers would be.

    I just posted it late last night and this is one of the responses: Militant Quaker – beating the love of Christ into you in the lest confrontational way.

    Too funny – and yet, I can picture it.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Calla for passing it on to your other forum. I read the thread that you linked here, and saw that lots of people had lots to say! Very interesting indeed.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What is your religion?

    Well, the answer comes from both aspects of my Heritage–Irish/Welsh/Celtic and Native American. My Native tells me to honor those who came before, live in concert and harmony (as best I can) with Grandmother/Grandfather Creator’s Mystery to nurture and protect life with quiet compassion. As for the Celtic, the Triad that best sums that up is: “Three Foundations of Spirituality: Hearth as Altar, Work as Worship, and Service as Sacrament.”

    ~Daniel Soaringeagle

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  13. My religion (Veritas Wicca) is a living tradition of celebration and fellowship.

  14. Pamela Adam says:

    All we do is worship .. The care of our fellow humans, our daily toil, the care of the living beings, land, sea and beyond. Love is the greatest of all care

    Generic Healthcare Chaplain (mental health) from A Church of Scotland background, Associate member of the Iona Community (stone circle hugger)

  15. Lon Sarver says:

    My religion is, basically, keeping good relationships. With other humans, with the ancestors, and with the gods.

  16. Niels says:

    Raised as a lutherean Christian, found some interesting aspects taking workshops in spiritualism and learned a lot from other religions, I’d say:
    1. God is all is love is God
    2. Accept and let it flow
    3. This is all but an illusion
    4. Try to see and feel this more and more

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