Question of the Week: What is your religion?

I asked a Christian monastic, What is your religion? He said, it is as Christ taught: to Love your neighbour as yourself.

I asked a Jewish scholar, who answered: My religion is what the prophet Isaiah taught: to deal bread to the hungry, find homes for the homeless, give clothes to the naked, and to let the oppressed be free.

I asked a Hindu yogi, and he taught me that his religion is seeing God within all things, and all things within God; to see God within himself, and to see himself within God.

I asked a Buddhist monk, and he told me that his religion flows from the Buddha nature within himself, which substitutes compassion for attachment.

I asked a Taoist master, What is your religion? He said, I am not sure I have a religion, but I have observed the gentlest thing in the world overcome the hardest, and so I blunt the sharpness, untie the knots, soften my glare, and settle my dust.

I asked a Muslim cleric, and he said that religion is submission to God, and submission to Peace: and I do this through guardianship, oneness, prayer, charity, fasting, pilgrimage, and my personal struggle against sin.

I asked an Aboriginal Elder, and he said that all things are home to the spirit, and therefore all things deserve profound respect.

I asked a Wiccan seeker, and she said her religion is perfect love and perfect trust.

I asked a Druid philosopher, and he spoke of three candles that illuminate every darkness: truth, nature, and knowledge.

And you, my friend, what is your religion?

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