Will Sing For Book Reviews!

As a writer, although I have the backing of an excellent international publisher, I still have to do most of my own publicity and marketing. I have two promotional “giveaways” already open (read about them here and here). Now let me tell you about a third.

Two years ago I recorded “The Island”, an album of 12 of my original songs. For a while, I was selling them on the internet for $10, but I took that down because, well to be honest, I ran out of CD’s. Not that I had made many in the first place.

Over the last few months I’ve received a lot of emails asking if the album will be made available again. So here’s what I propose: Instead of arranging to send me the $10, I will email you the album as a series of mp3’s, for free,

And in return, you will write a review of one of my books on that book’s Amazon page, and also on any social networking tools that you use (your blog, your FB or G+ page, your Twitter feed, etc.)

It would not have to be a lengthly review: even three or four sentences would be enough. As I must do most of my own publicity, I need as much help from others as I can. A positive review would be most welcome, of course, but an honest one is all I ask for. The album will be sent as soon as the review you write is visible on the net.

If interested, email me directly. And thanks for your help!

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