The Campaign for Clear and Present Thinking

Good morning,

I invite you to join the campaign for “Clear and Present Thinking” – it’s a campaign to create a high-quality textbook in philosophy and critical thinking, and make it available to everyone in the world for free.

We’re doing it for two main reasons:

– Textbooks are far too expensive. Frankly, a lot of my students are so cash-strapped they are forced to choose between food and the rent, two of three times a year. This is a project that will reduce the cost of education by about $70 for all my students, and potentially many more.

– Good critical thinking skills matter. We’ve all been frustrated or hurt by people who make foolish decisions, or who hold dogmatic and unexamined beliefs.

And good critical thinking is not just about analyzing concepts. It’s also about questioning everything; standing up to authority; being creative and resourceful; thinking for yourself; and knowing who you are.

Everyone benefits when more people can do those things really well, and I’m writing this book and using it in my classes to help make that happen.

This campaign will help me raise the funds to pay for contributors, designers, artists, and translators, so that we can create a high quality teaching tool for college students, and make it available to the whole world.

But it won’t happen if we don’t reach our funding target of $5,000. And the success of the project depends on how much social media attention it gets.

So please, spread the word! Share it on Facebook, Twitter, G+, your blog, and every social network you use. And please donate to the project! And I thank you for your support.

Click here to find out more, and to contribute!

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  1. angelicagallant says:

    Sharing as much and as far as I can!

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