Bren’s Plans, Hopes, and Dreams for 2013.

In no particular order. And subject to change.

– Finish writing my history of pagan philosophy book, before the end of March. (Also, think of a good name for it.) My publisher has been very patient, and I am grateful; but they shouldn’t have to wait forever, and neither should the readers.

– Start writing a third novel. Because if I had to decide whether I wanted to live in Rivendell, or in Hogwart’s Castle, or in the Tardis, I would choose to live in Fellwater Grove.

– Start writing the next big nonfiction project. I’ve already begun assembling notes. Here’s a hint: I’ll be back to my old favourite topics, environmentalism and social justice. And adding cosmology!

– Finish the Expanded edition of “Clear and Present Thinking.”

– Assemble a team and raise funds to make a computer-based version of my tabletop strategy game, Iron Age. That team will include programmers (obviously), but also artists, musicians, designers, and marketing specialists. I may need to raise a six-digit figure. I smell another crowd-funding campaign!

– Find a better strategy for marketing my books. I’m doing almost everything that was recommended by all the marketing advisors I’ve read or consulted. But the “30,000 copies sold” promised to me by those advisors, including a few who I count as friends, has not happened.

– Attend Druid Camp 2013, in the Forest of Dean, United Kingdom.

– Create a PPE program at my college.

– Begin the process of getting my college certified as an IB World School.

– Get more exercise. Maybe shed around 10 pounds or so.

– Visit friends and family in southwestern Ontario more often.

– Learn more dinner recipes.

– Purchase land on which to design and construct a temple. (Actually, that is a 20-year goal of mine.)

– Learn to speak French. Much as I’m reluctant to agree with something uttered by a PQ politician, Premier Pauline Marois is basically correct when she says that people who live and work in Quebec should learn to speak French.

– Visit some part of the world where I’ve never been before, on holiday, if funds permit. (Preferably Europe, where I love the landscape and architecture.)

– Improve my guitar technique, and compose more songs. Learn to play 12-string (in Standard Tuning!). Purchase an Irish Bouzouki and learn to play that too.

– Be a better friend to those whom I care about.

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