Free Books! “Clan Fianna” and “The Earth, The Gods, and The Soul”

This fall, I am publishing two new books:

in Nonfiction / Philosophy:
The Earth, The Gods, and the Soul: A History of Pagan Philosophy” (Moon Books / John Hunt International)

in Fiction / Fantasy / Contemporary:
Clan Fianna” (Northwest Passage Books*)

Want a free copy of one of these? Write a review of any of my previous books (200 words minimum please) to your blog, or to your favourite online retailer (Amazon, B&N, Chapters, etc) or Goodreads, etc. Then share the review on your favourite social network (Facebook, Twitter, G+, etc.) and with me. And then, when these books are published in hardcopy, I’ll send one to you.

Alternatively, since Clan Fianna is already available in Amazon Kindle, you could review it, and I’ll send you a copy of any of my other books which you may choose.

The idea here is to get as many people as possible to spread the word about my books as widely as possible; and for me to show my gratitude by offering this simple giveaway.

Post your review between today (17th September 2013) and 1st November 2013, and you’re in!

* Northwest Passage Books is my own imprint.

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3 Responses to Free Books! “Clan Fianna” and “The Earth, The Gods, and The Soul”

  1. Mel Lloyd says:

    Hi Bren,
    I wrote a preview of your book ‘The Mysteries of Druidry’
    on Amazon some years ago and am still recommending it to budding druids.
    Does that count ?

  2. Paige Cousineau says:

    I have unlimited praise for “A Pagan Testament”. It is an important contribution to the modern pagan movement, and your concluding essay is brillaint.
    For “Fellwater”, not so much- perhaps because I left teenager-hood waaaay back in the last century. Nevertheless, I read the whole thing (I have no compunction about skipping parts, or just reading the ending, so this is a compliment), enjoyed the allusions to Roman History (like the police force “SPQR”), and it was an o.k. story.
    Perhaps for folks with grey hair and wrinkles, your non-fiction stuff is better. I have a copy of your “Mysteries of Druidry” waiting for my attention, and I would love to receive a copy of “The Earth, The Gods, and the Soul: A History of Pagan Philosophy” when it is available.
    You are welcome to use some or all of this post on any social media you please- I only have e-mail, so can’t post it myself.
    Paige Cousineau

  3. Missy Burchfield says:

    Hi, Brendan!

    I will write a review for The Other Side of Virtue, because it is such a terrific book. I do not wish for a free book from you. I have already pre-ordered my copy of The Earth, The Gods and the Soul, because I believe in supporting our pagan authors who produce such high-quality work.

    Keep them coming!

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