Another book promo giveaway!

If you post a review of my novel, Clan Fianna, to its Amazon page between now and 15th November, I’ll put your name in a draw for a $100 gift certificate at the online bookstore of your choice!

Christmas is coming, so you could use this gift certificate for your own gift-giving needs. Or, of course, you can also use it to catch up on your own wish list. 🙂

Furthermore, on 7th November, my next nonfiction title, “The Earth, The Gods, and The Soul“, will be published. And if you post a review of that title to its Amazon page between now and 7th December, I’ll put your name in the hat for another $100 gift certificate!

And There’s More: if either of these books get 25 reviews or more, then I’ll draw two names. And I’ll draw three names if we get 50 reviews. And so on, every 25 reviews. So you don’t reduce your chances of winning by spreading the word.

As always: a good review would be very welcome, but an honest review is all I truly ask for. In previous reviews on Amazon, my novels have been compared favourably to Neil Gaiman and George R.R. Martin, so I’m confident in the quality of my work. I hope you are, too.

And Finally: I’m offering a $10 gift certificate for the online bookstore of your choice to a randomly-selected person who SHARES (not just ‘likes’) or RETWEETS (not just ‘favourites’) this blog post, on Facebook and Twitter, between now and the end of October. Just be sure that your Share/Retweet links back to my Facebook page or my Twitter stream, so that I can track it, and include your name in the draw.


This is a promotion strategy which has worked successfully for me in the past, so I’m trying it again. Last year, for instance, I gave away a Kindle Fire HD. I’ve also given away a ticket to the festival of the contest winner’s choice.

Why am I doing this? Because, like most independent writers, I have to do most of the promotion work myself. Now, I try to keep my book promo stuff non-annoying. But still, I need your help. Aside from buying your favourite writer’s works, the most helpful way you can show support for a writer you like is by spreading the word about his or her books. And that means reviews, recommendations, reader’s clubs, sharing and lending copies of books, and talking it up on social media. It’s the same for poets, musicians, artists, and just about any creative person who doesn’t have the backing of a big publisher, a big record label, a big art gallery.

(Actually my real goal is to persuade Netflix or HBO to take on my novels as a television series. And to persuade a big video game studio to make one of my tabletop games into an immersive first-person RPG. But I’d need several million fans for that. So I’ll start with something manageable, and do something bigger next.)

I hope this new promo catches your interest, and I thank you for your support.


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