Impressions of Bohemia

I spent most of the month of July this year in Bohemia, Czech Republic, the guest of friends who invited me to look after their house and their dogs while they went on a holiday of their own.

I shot almost 500 photos, and kept a journal. Instead of posting photos to my blog as usual, I decided to share them by putting them in a slide show on YouToob, and for the soundtrack I read selections from the journal I kept. So, this is a bit like a podcast or a video blog. So, the dialogue at any place in the video doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the photo on the screen at the same time. But I hope you enjoy it; for my part, these twenty days in Bohemia have been a highlight of my life.

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After having published Elderdown just last month, I have already begun writing my next book: a nonfiction work provisionally entitled “Ecology and Civilization”. The text that I’m reading from in this slide show may or may not (because I haven’t decided yet) end up in that book. I invite your comments, constructive criticisms, and suggestions: post them to the comments roll under this blog post if you don’t mind sharing them with others.

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