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Transphobia and Civilization

Seeing as the human rights of transgender people has come to dominate the news, both in the mainstream press and that of communities where trans people have a significant presence such as the Pagan community, I felt a need to … Continue reading

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Who will win the Second American Civil War?

The second American Civil War has already begun. This fact is not acknowledged by those who expect a civil war to look like previous wars: having large and well-organised armies, having territories with definite (even if moving) borders, and having … Continue reading

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The Twelve Year Warning: Why the world will do nothing about the UN’s latest climate change report.

By now, I hope that you have heard of the warning from UN scientists concerning the likely future of planet Earth if we continue emitting CO2 and other global warming drivers in our farms, factories, power plants, and vehicles. The … Continue reading

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Cannabis Etiquette: Some Suggestions

Okay, Canada. We’re going to legalize cannabis in a little over a month. I’m generally in favour of that, but I also worry that people might not understand cannabis, and as a result of not understanding it, people might hurt … Continue reading

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My Bohemian Adventure: Wonderful, Curious, and Heartbreaking

Blog posts about a writer’s holidays are normally dreary affairs of narcissism and fantasy. So, here’s one about why my holiday was wonderful, curious, and, well, heartbreaking. First, something wonderful. As this was my third visit to Krenicna, Central Bohemia, … Continue reading

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A 16th Century Version of ‘The Millennials Are Ruining Everything”

This past weekend, I acquired a copy of Seneca’s Morals By Way Of Abstract, published in 1702. My attention was drawn not only by the book’s age– it’s more than three hundred years old– but also by this note in … Continue reading

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Why The Nine Greek Muses Are Better Than Prometheus

If you know anything about Greek mythology, you probably know some part of the story of Prometheus, the hero who stole fire from the sun and gave it to the fledgling human race. You probably also know how Zeus punished … Continue reading

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What are you doing?

There is a political faction in the United States whose members believe that their most important religious duty is to create (a very narrow and conservative version of) the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I probably don’t need to name … Continue reading

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Anger and Protest in Douglas Adams, The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Shortly after the destruction of his house his planet to make way for an interstellar bypass (the planet happened to be Earth, by the way), Arthur Dent, Earthling, accidentally joins a mission to find a mythical planet called Magrathea, a … Continue reading

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An Economy Of Words – Poetry by Bob Myers, My Dad.

The following is my “Publisher’s Foreword”, which I wrote for my dad’s book of collected poems, “An Economy Of Words“. Now that Mom and Dad have seen it, I can share it with all of you. ~Bren. If you are … Continue reading

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