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Protected: A private reply to certain critics

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A refinement of the thought experiment

In my previous blog post, I described a question: what sort of religion, if any, would occur to a “holy innocent”. This person is someone who knows nothing of the history of religion, and so on, but does know every … Continue reading

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A thought experiment

What kind of religion would arise in the mind of a man who was born yesterday? Although this sounds like a facetious question, I have in mind something like this: I’m curious about the religious life or set of religious … Continue reading

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Proving a negative

The H1N1 Influenza pandemic has been off the news for a while. The last report I remember reading about it was pointed out to me by a friend of mine: it seems that Canada donated five million doses of vaccine … Continue reading

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A general update

To follow up on some recent discussions… Teaching at Cherry Hill At the end of the two-week extension, there were only three students enrolled in the course. I decided to cancel it. I might offer the course again in the … Continue reading

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An old hobby suddenly returns

Back in my teenage years, I used to play Dungeons and Dragons. (Let me state for the record that my present day philosophical and spiritual commitments have nothing to do with my gaming experiences). After playing for a few years, … Continue reading

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Writing my third book and fifth book was easy. The ideas, arguments, logical structure, and aesthetic dimension came to me almost like dictation from the spirit of Saint Sophia herself. As I wrote those books, I knew exactly what I … Continue reading

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Ancient Philosophy course at CHS

Starting on 1st February, I am teaching a course in Ancient Philosophy with the Cherry Hill Seminary. I shall be teaching this course through a series of audio-recorded lectures, and guided readings from the list of required texts. Here’s the … Continue reading

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What is Reason?

What is reason? What is rationality? What is logic? What is philosophy? What is thinking? What am I doing?

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Why I rant so often about the importance of philosophy

I observed a little while ago that the blog posts of mine which usually garner the most comments from readers, and which usually attract new subscribers, are the ones in which I’m complaining about some new occasion of irrationality in … Continue reading

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