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Is Optimism Still Possible In the Age of Trump?

Timing is sometimes everything. When I finished the final draft of Reclaiming Civilization and submitted it to my publisher, the US presidential election campaign was still in the party primaries. It looked likely at the time that Bernie would win … Continue reading

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Twenty-seven days of solitude

Two years ago, I came to visit friends in Krenicna, Central Bohemia, and to look after the gardens and the dogs while they were away. I wrote the first 20,000 words of Reclaiming Civilization here. I returned again this summer, … Continue reading

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Ray Bradbury’s “Dandelion Wine”: A novel for all time, yet also of its own time.

Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury is a world. It’s the author’s fictitious Green Town Illinois, but it’s also a fairyland where boys are young forever. It’s a town where a new pair of tennis shoes can make boys run and … Continue reading

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Can book launches be as big as weddings? Some (slightly selfish) thoughts about celebrating books and writers

While attending my brother’s wedding last week, I had a rather selfish thought: no one has ever celebrated my life and accomplishments on a scale that big. Of course the reasons for this are obvious. I’ve never been married; I … Continue reading

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An expedition to the lake, and thoughts along the way

As often as I can, I like to walk from my house to Pink Lake and back; my usual route is about 12kms long, and I love every inch of it as much as I love my library and my … Continue reading

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Kenny Klein: Guilty on all charges

Kenny Klein: pagan celebrity musician and songwriter. Arrested and charged for possessing child pornography; today, found guilty on all counts. Here’s the court docket. Not that there was ever any serious reason to suppose the conclusion would be otherwise, beyond … Continue reading

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Why I’m Writing Science Fiction Now

I used to write books about druids. Then I wrote books about philosophers. Then I wrote a six-volume urban fantasy series. Now I’m writing a science fiction novel, and a second edition to a college textbook on logic. A friend … Continue reading

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The American Dream: What next?

Earlier today I wrote on my twitter: “Most of my friends on the political left, and some on the right, say the #AmericanDream is over. Do we have a new mythology to replace it?” And I was asked by a … Continue reading

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At fall of darkness, Minerva’s Owl takes flight.

Some thoughts on the election of Trump to the US Presidency. Although I prefer to keep my political rants to my FB and twitter, and off of this blog, I am aware that the majority of readers of this blog … Continue reading

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David Guthrie Myers: An Unknown Soldier. Can you help?

Remembrance Day is tomorrow, and I would like to remember this soldier who fought in the First World War. He is my dad’s paternal grandfather. I hardly know anything about him. But maybe someone out there in internet-land can help … Continue reading

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