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I’m Donating My Book Royalties to Save My Hometown’s Water

I grew up in the village of Elora, Ontario. As a child I knew its trees, flowers, and berry patches, its creatures great and small, and the sharp edges of the river’s stone walls, and I sometimes felt that they … Continue reading

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Space Exploration and Survivalism

Don’t get me wrong– I think space exploration is exciting. I think that when it’s at its best, it is intrinsically optimistic. But there’s also something desperate about it. Here I shall attempt to explain. This past Samhain, an asteroid … Continue reading

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The Autumn Forest

On most good-weather days, and in all seasons, I go walking in the Gatineau Hills Park. I do it because we human animals are made for walking; because forest scenery is good for stress-reduction and mental health, but mostly because … Continue reading

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The Absurdities of Civilization: A Straw Poll.

I asked friends of mine to describe what they think are some of the biggest absurdities of modern life. Here are some of their answers. Wealthy people who praise the value of the “rustic” and “simple” life, and who claim … Continue reading

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Impressions of Bohemia

I spent most of the month of July this year in Bohemia, Czech Republic, the guest of friends who invited me to look after their house and their dogs while they went on a holiday of their own. I shot … Continue reading

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Elderdown: Book Four of The Hidden Houses. A sales pitch, and a personal comment.

This is the fourth and final book in my “Hidden Houses” modern fantasy series, and my sixteenth published book overall. And now, it’s done. Here’s the Kindle edition on Amazon, and here’s the paperback edition, direct from the printer. The … Continue reading

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Review: Sense8 Will Change Television

When I was a drama major at the UofG, we sometimes spoke of “theatre value”: the extent to which the story being told had to be told through theatre, and could not be told as effectively, as successfully, in another … Continue reading

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My marketing experiments: and what I think the first job of a writer should be.

Recently, I spent $100 advertising my novels on Facebook for two weeks. Here’s the results so far: 13,600 impressions. 151 clicks. 18 sales of the Kindle editions. 3 sales of the paperback editions. 0 sales of the Kobo editions. More … Continue reading

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Spiritual Positions: Six Ideas That I’m Reasonably Sure Are True.

Having set aside some ideas that I’m very sure are false, the way is opened to investigate alternative positions that might be true. I use the word position in a multifold sense: first, as the opposite of a negation; second, … Continue reading

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Spiritual Negations: Ten Ideas in Religion and Spirituality Which I’m Very Sure Are False.

“People don’t care about knowledge and enlightenment. What they want is validation.” –Heathcliff Weatherby, “Hallowstone“. People in many religious communities are fond of “affirmations”: proverbs, wisdom teachings, “laws of magic”, and the like, usually in the form of only one … Continue reading

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