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At fall of darkness, Minerva’s Owl takes flight.

Some thoughts on the election of Trump to the US Presidency. Although I prefer to keep my political rants to my FB and twitter, and off of this blog, I am aware that the majority of readers of this blog … Continue reading

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The World View of America’s Pro-Gun Lobby

Allow me to introduce to you a thought experiment first proposed by English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, back in 1651. The name of this thought experiment is “the state of nature”, and the idea is to speculate on what human society … Continue reading

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A woman’s hands.

I just noticed something. Obama took the Presidential Oath on Lincoln’s bible. Everybody knows that – every journalist I’ve read all day emphasised that point. Then I looked at the photo: his wife was holding the bible at the time. … Continue reading

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McCain’s America, Obama’s America

My thoughts and responses concerning the election of Barack Obama.

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