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A Straight White Male Writer Grapples With His Privilege

There are a lot of fantasy and sci-fi writers in my FB and Twitter feeds. And a lot of those writers are feminists, of one degree or another. So, I’ve been seeing a lot of discussion about white male privilege … Continue reading

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Politics is theatre

A selection from the novel that I’m currently writing. (Although I might edit this, when the manuscript is complete.) I’ve been studying history for a few years now, and one of the things you learn by studying history is that … Continue reading

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The Lunsford Test, or, What’s Wrong with “Boob Armour”?

Within twenty minutes of my tweeting this link about putting an end to “boob armour” in fantasy game development, I got three private messages in my twitter inbox about how it’s all just fantasy and it doesn’t matter, so I … Continue reading

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Political ideologies explained!

Consider this a work in progress. Democracy: – The government takes some of everyone’s money and puts it in a great big pile. – Then we all vote on who gets to be in charge of the pile. – Those … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about Chief Theresa Spence

People do not go on hunger strikes for fun. Keep that in mind as you read the following. Today I visited Victoria Island, in the Ottawa River. That is the place where Chief Theresa Spence, of the Attawapiskat First Nation, … Continue reading

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The World View of America’s Pro-Gun Lobby

Allow me to introduce to you a thought experiment first proposed by English philosopher Thomas Hobbes, back in 1651. The name of this thought experiment is “the state of nature”, and the idea is to speculate on what human society … Continue reading

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A letter from a retired WLU politics prof.

The following open letter, forwarded to me by a friend via facebook, is written by a retired professor of political science at Wilfred Laurier University. This seems to me the most sane and rational examination of the circumstance from the … Continue reading

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