A straw poll: What should I Kickstart next?

As long-time Bren-watchers may know, I rather like Kickstarter. I’ve launched three campaigns there in the last several years; one failed, but two were hugely successful. I’d like to do another one soon. There are three projects in particular that I’m interested in doing, and I welcome your opinions about which one(s) interest you.

– A tabletop RPG (think of Dungeons & Dragons) set in the world of The Hidden Houses, my fantasy series. This project probably has the most “momentum”, as it would be easily connected to my previous Kickstarter campaign. The text is already done; I just need to hire artists, beta-testers, and an editor.

– A second edition of “Clear and Present Thinking, my free college-level textbook on logic and critical reasoning. I’d like to expand it a little bit, and update the exercises and examples. I’ll need to hire contributors, and a designer, to do that. And, of course, I’d like to keep it free.

– A volume of “soft power” strategy games. A few years ago I published “Iron Age: Council of the Clans“, a tabletop strategy game that I invented to teach political science to my students at Heritage College. I’ve invented two more similar games since then, one that looks at economics, and one which involves proposition-logic and argumentation. I’d like to hire an artist or two, and publish them, possibly as an expansion of “Iron Age”.

Naturally, I will make my own decision about which of these projects to run first. But I value your suggestions, and will certainly take them into account.

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2 Responses to A straw poll: What should I Kickstart next?

  1. Iron Age, although I gotta go find the original now ;0)

  2. Ezekiel Azib says:

    Definitely the Fellwater RPG, what better way to immerse into the stories than by being in it.

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