Brendan Myers loves faerie tales and space exploration. He lives in a library, next door to a forest.

Brendan is a TED speaker, a successful Kickstarter (twice), and the author of fifteen books in fiction and nonfiction. After earning his Ph.D in philosophy from the National University of Ireland, Galway, he has taught at six different institutions in Canada and in Europe, and provided policy research for government agencies, labour unions, and game design studios. Myers’ ideas have been featured by the Pacific Business & Law Institute, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, the Order of Bards Ovates & Druids, as well as numerous environmental groups, interfaith groups, and humanist societies around the world.

Originally from Elora, Ontario, Brendan now serves as professor of philosophy at CEGEP Heritage College, in Gatineau, Quebec.

Follow him on Twitter @Fellwater, or on Facebook.

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  2. Paige Cousineau says:

    Hi, Brendan-
    Since you quote me on your book reviews page, I would like to remind you that I have not yet received a copy of “The Earth, the Gods, and the Soul”- my requested reward for commenting.
    Hope I can get this soon.

  3. Craig Powers says:

    Your Capitalism Game sounds interesting. Have you thought about trying to bring such a game to the marketplace?

  4. Paige Cousineau says:

    Hi, Brendan-
    This is Paige Cousineau again- seems we have a regular correspondence, once every three years.
    Old Business: My address is: 1088 Lothlorien Rd, Ompah, Ontario, K0H 2J0.

    New Business: Would you be available Sunday, Oct. 18, to talk about The Pagan Testament from 3-6pm with my online study group? We use Zoom, so you could participate from wherever you were on that date.

    And I would appreciate it if you would cc your reply to my email address:

    Best to you in all your endeavours


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